8-Week On-Camera Acting Class

For Professional Actors


I know how it feels to wonder…

Is my work the best it could be?  Do I truly trust in my process? Do I sometimes show up to auditions with high hopes and little confidence?  Am I improving as the opportunities come and go?  Have I lost focus on the craft?  Is my hard work paying off in auditions or on the job?  

I’ve asked all of those questions myself, at one time or another.  And I know how frustrating it can be to love acting so much but also feel stuck with little forward momentum. 

As a coach and teacher, I understand you want to be pushed but also understood.  I want to help you grow into your own process and embrace your uniqueness.  

In this class, we’ll build on where you are right now and strengthen your fundamental skills and techniques.  You’ll also learn advanced, polishing tools you may not be aware of or have forgotten.  At all times, we’ll take a professional, no-nonsense approach to improving your work.  

We’ll pay special attention to: the art of how actors tell stories, script analysis across all genres, following creative impulse and finding depth and specificity that signal the truth of the human experience.


Crista Flanagan

Length of Class

  • 3 Hours, Once a Week, for 8 Weeks


A free consultation is required to join this class.  I want to meet you and make sure this is a great fit for you. Schedule here.

What will we do in this class?

In each class, you’ll learn new skills that build upon each other.  We’ll practice these skills through exercises and then apply these learned skills in scene work.  You’ll be coached, given adjustments and put on tape so that you can review your work. 

Who is this class for?

  • This class is designed for professional actors looking for a renewed sense of craft and a huge boost of confidence.
  • Previous acting training or experience is required.  While some time will be spent revisiting the more fundamental aspects of on-camera acting, this class is unsuitable for someone completely new to acting.
  • All actors wishing to enroll in a class must schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation here.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need a notebook, pen, pencil, recording device (iphone) and a water bottle.

How much work is done outside of class? Are there rehearsals?

  • You will need to review your notes and prepare your scenes for each class. If your scene is not memorized or prepared, then it’s best to not work in class – it’s a waste of everyone’s time, including yours. 
  • Rehearsals outside of class are done with or without your classmates; I recommend rehearsing at least 20-60 minutes per day, minimum, on your own.  
  • I will recommend some books, articles, podcasts, tv shows and films. Try your best to read/listen/watch them.

How is my work filmed in class?

  • All scene work in class is done with a reader who is an actor. You are put on tape in a single, there are no two-shots.  
  • We will put you on tape using your camera or phone. Make sure it is charged and you have space.  We will provide tripod, lights, etc.
  • If the class is offered online, rather than in person, actors will self-tape their scenes and schedule mini-feedback sessions outside of the regularly schedule class time. 

How many students are in a class?

Enrollment is limited to 8-10 students. It’s important that each person get individual attention each week.

How much is it?

  • $700 for all 8 Weeks
  • As a bonus: While enrolled in class, one-on-one audition coaching is $60 per hour (normally $90 per hour).

How do I enroll and pay?

Where is class?

In-person classes are held in one of two locations: Toluca Lake or Silverlake.  Check the class schedule to see the location of the class you’re interested in taking.  

Online classes are held via Zoom.  

Side of the Road Studio is here to help.