Side of the Road Studio

We assist professional actors create breakthroughs in their acting process and performances.

For an actor, there is nothing more exciting than the moment when passion, artistry, and technical ability come together to create stories and excellent work. We believe this is what ignites an actor with purpose, what moves an audience, and what increases career momentum.  

Side of the Road Studio trains actors who have a desire to be better. 

An individual’s work is a reflection of process and abilities as an artist and technician. SOTRS works to nurture your artist while building technical abilities to work across all genres of film and television.

Side of the Road Studio will meet you where you are on your skill-building journey.

Some of the more common areas of study are:

    • Build or re-build a workflow and acting process that feels comfortable, makes sense, and produces the results you desire
    • Find a deeper, more truthful connection to character, relationships and circumstances
    • Increase your range of expressiveness to create more work opportunities.

Whether you need a process overhaul, a tune-up here and there, or support in your work, Side of the Road Studio is here to help.