Job Coaching

We assist professional actors create breakthroughs in their acting process and performances.

What jobs do you coach?

I coach acting jobs for television and film.

How does this work?

Together, we will customize how this works. Some common examples of job coaching are:

  • We will break down the script, work on story, develop character and relationships, create a plan for how you will work during the shoot.  
  • We will break down every re-write and mine out all of the story details.
  • We will coach scenes before you shoot so that you feel confident and inspired.
  • We will troubleshoot any issues you may be having on set.

What should I bring?

Two copies of your script, a copy for me a copy for you.

How much is it?

  • Retaining fees vary per project. Schedule a FREE consultation here to go over your specific needs.
  • For some projects, you may have limited needs and a reliable shoot schedule, so we can work on an hourly basis.  For example, if you only need assistance on table read day for a tv show, then that can be arranged.  Each project will have different requirements, so please set up a FREE consultation here. 
  • $120 per hour

How do I schedule and pay?

All actors wishing to receive specific job coaching must schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation here. We will set goals and a schedule in our consultation.

Where do I go?

  • Skype
  • In-person coaching is in Los Angeles, California.  Street parking is available.    
  • On-set coaching is available for an additional travel fee.

Side of the Road Studio is here to help.