There’s nothing I love more than watching an actor grab a scene, confidently work through their process and arrive at a place that feels deep, specific, nuanced and unique take after take after take.  I wish every actor could feel the exhilaration and confidence that comes with that work!  

This is one of my favorite classes and specially designed for those who have completed the 8-Week On-Camera Class.


Crista Flanagan

Length of Class

  • 4 Hours, Once a Week, for 4 Weeks


The 8-Week On-Camera Acting Class

What will we do in this class?

There are 4 classes:

  • In Class #1, you can sit back and relax as we break down the script of your choosing.  We’ll dig into character, relationship, circumstances and genre.  Special attention will be paid to character values and beliefs, relationship history and the four-step sequence that actors use to tell stories. 
  • In Class #2, you will apply the advanced tools you learned in the 8-Week Camera Class to your scene through exercises with a partner.
  • In Class #3, you will get coached and directed. Adjustments will be given and you will learn by doing and getting feedback.  
  • In Class #4, we will watch your work and then make a plan for how to proceed with multiple, filmed takes. You will get lots of feedback and embrace your range of expressiveness within this one scene.

Who is this class for?

This advanced class is for those actors who have taken the 8-Week On-Camera Class.  It’s designed to give you an opportunity to work on one piece of material for a one-month length of time so that you can really delve into your craft.  

This is a great class to polish a scene you can use for casting director workshops, general meetings with cds, auditions for agents and manager and to work on your finishing skills. 

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need a notebook, pen, pencil, recording device (iphone) and a water bottle.

How much work is done outside of class? Are there rehearsals?

You will need to review and apply your notes in order to prepare your scene for each class.  I ask that you work on your scene for a minimum of 30-60 minutes per day, but some actors do more.

How is my work filmed in class?

When the class is held in person, we film on the last day of class.  You will need to be camera-ready with hair, makeup and wardrobe.  

When the class is offered via Zoom, you will tape your scenes on your own within two days of finishing class. 

How many students are in a class?

No more than 4.  This is very personalized work, so the class can only accommodate up to 4 actors.  

How much is it?

  • $250

How do I enroll and pay?

Where is class?

In-person classes are held in one of two locations: Toluca Lake or Silverlake.  Check the class schedule to see the location of the class you’re interested in taking.  

Online classes are held via Zoom.  

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