“I just took Crista’s on-camera comedy class.  It is truly the best on-camera class I’ve taken in Los Angeles. For the first time I feel like I have a real vocabulary and technical understanding of this work. 

A class can’t teach you to be funny, though that is the result. This class offers the tools to understand why things are funny, so that you can be free to make choices. The only downside…I found it deeply frustrating to not have encountered this information and training sooner.”

– Rich Liccardo

Rich Liccardo

“Crista loves acting and her passion is infectious. She gives you solid techniques to take material and make it real and human. There’s a freedom to the craft that I’ve never felt before. I’m genuinely excited when a new script or audition comes my way cause I cannot wait to dive in using the methodology she teaches. Crista has changed the way I approach acting for the better!”

– Kyra Selman

“Crista is the type of teacher who will believe in you even in those times when you don’t always believe in yourself. Her process is life changing and has guided me to trust in my work and to grow not only as an actress, but as a human being as well. Ever since working with Crista I’ve become more confident, in my work, in my life and I have found much success in my acting. This woman LOVES her craft. She LOVES her students. And she LOVES to teach.”

– Daniella Castoria

“Side of the Road Studio is a game changer for on camera actors. I have taken acting classes for what seems like ages and have usually heard all the same information presented in a different way, or sometimes the exact same way. Crista approaches both comedy and drama with refreshing new ideas that spark new connections to characters and situations that I haven’t felt before. Class sizes are intimate which facilitates a sense of community and focused learning. I would recommend Side of the Road Studio classes to actors that are serious about resetting their approach to acting in order to push their career to the next level!!”  

– Brenna Larsen

“Wherever you are in your career, Crista’s methods will help you grow. She has a genuine love for the craft of acting and for bringing an actor’s full potential out of them. Her teachings and experience in the business are applicable to every facet of acting, from auditions to working on a big-budget set. Crista’s training is very clear and detailed, which has helped me be freer and more confident in my performances.”   

– Cody Collier

Andrew Russell

“These classes completely re-engineered what I thought I knew about acting. Crista being an experienced teacher and working actor herself; approaches each class with precision, purpose, and thoughtfulness. Her lessons come from the mind of someone who understands what we’re going through. The transformative result has been unlike any acting class I’ve ever taken before. With a smaller more intimate class setting, there is also time to focus on each individual, which is amazing. I have taken and retaken her first level because every time I learn something new. I’ve also taken the comedy intensive as well and loved it! Side of the Road Studio will lift you up, twist your mind around, and refocus it on what’s important when approaching this crazy thing we do called acting.” 

– Andrew Russell

“The minute I left my first class with Crista, I knew I was changed, as both an actor and a human.  She marries the techniques and skill-set needed for booking work at a competitive level in Los Angeles, with the integrity, discipline, and humility that one needs as they walk out of their door each morning, committed to telling stories professionally.  Everything I do is getting better: my script dissection and analysis, my ability to listen to my scene partners, and my confidence, in general.  Even more notably, I have a vast theatre background.  Crista’s tutelage is incredible for those, like myself, who have honed certain skills for the stage, yet may feel wanting (and frustrated!) when it comes to transferring those skills to the camera.  She has opened my eyes to what’s possible for me as an actor, and for that I am forever grateful.  Her class is for those who are ready to have real training and a real conversation about the direction of their career as an actor.

If you work with her, you are one of the lucky ones.”

– Katie Northlich

Katie Northlich